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Related post: Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 illegal nymphetts 06:42:57 EDT From: Robert Cole Subject: RAYMOND part 3 The Stories of Robert Cole RAYMOND acrobatic nymphets com part 3RAY"Hurry up Dad, or we're going to be late.""We've got plenty of time, relax. Come here and help me with this trunk of yours. You're only going to college, not on a safari!"Ray at 18 had developed into a stunning young man. sex nymphettes He had grown several inches and his reddish-blond hair had become lighter. He was slim and athletically built, owing to his devotion to sports. He was still drop dead cute. He had received several scholarships youngest nymphets archives based on his excellence in diving and soccer. Ray was heading to NYU. pics de nymphets He was both excited and nervous. He would be nacked little nymphets in his own real nymphet cp hometown but elected to live on nymphets land top 50 campus. Tom and Jackie thought this was a good idea.It was the middle of August, so the Randalls were still ensconced in bikini nymphet pictures their Long Island summer retreat. The move back home would take place after the Labor Day weekend ukrainian nymphets newsgroup festivities. Ray needed to be in school early for registration and russian child nymphet orientation. They would drive him to the City, help him settle in and go back to the Island."I'm going next door to say goodbye to Chris," Ray shouted as he ran out the front door.Ray and Chris had remained lovers these three years. They loved each other deeply and spent as much time together as they could or dared to. Ray's parents knew nothing of their relationship. They presumed that Ray and Chris were just very close friends. Ray, through Chris' encouragement, had taken some girls out and had had a date for the senior prom. Girls flocked around Ray so there was no problem getting a date when necessary.Ray and Chris were discrete in lovely nymphets bbs their relationship. They spent "casual time" together working on projects around the house and yard nymphet boys magazine and confined their intimacy to times when Tom and ukrainian nymphets model Jackie would be away. nymphet forbidden pic Occasionally they would drive to a motel in the next town, on the pretext of going shopping, and spend the afternoon in each in each other's arms.Ray's going away was difficult for Chris. He would miss having him around. He would miss their passionate lovemaking. He would miss that special friendship and intimacy they nymphets fresh serie shared. Ray burst through the front door. "Chris, where are you?""In the kitchen."Ray ran through the living room and found Chris standing in the middle of the kitchen sipping a cup of coffee. They ran teenies nymphet into each other's arms. Chris was sobbing as he hugged Ray tightly. Tears were streaming down Ray's cheeks. They locked into a passionate kiss. Both were getting hard."Ok, Ok," Chris panted. "We are saying magic nymphets goodbye. We don't have time for anything else. Last night will more than make up for, at least, the deprivations of the near future!" Chris said with a wicked smile on his naked underage nymphets face.The night nymphets pictures before, Tom and Jackie had given Ray models child nymphet a nymphets modeling naked going away party. Rob was there and of course, Chris. Rob still had another year of high school left before going off to college. The casual, adolescent sex they shared had stopped when Ray and Chris got serious about each other. Ray told Rob that it was time to stop, and that was young nymphet models tgp that. Ray was sure that Rob knew nothing of his relationship with Chris. The party was fun but with the edge of sadness that all such nymphets lol nude sex parties have. It broke up early. Ray and Rob made their good-byes and Rob headed for home. Chris had excused himself earlier on the pretext that he was really beat. The reality was the unbearable sadness he felt at Ray's nymphet naked young leaving.Ray told his parents that he and Chris were going to hang out for a while over his place. They reminded Ray that nymphet incest fuck he little nymphet sock had an early rising tomorrow. They would be going to bed after straightening the house up.Ray ran next door and found Chris sitting in the living room staring blankly into space. He sat next to him and touched his hand. Chris began sobbing and in no time both of them had tears streaming down their cheeks."Let's go upstairs," Ray urged.As Chris stood up he couldn't help notice the bulge in Ray's shorts. He took Ray into wildnymphets underage kds gallery his arms and hugged tightly, grinding their cocks together. Both were now rock hard. Chris took Ray's hand and they climbed the staircase."Tonight is my special gift to you, Ray. I'll do it all, you just relax and enjoy." With that, Chris shut the bedroom door and knelt in front of nude nymphets first time Ray. He nuzzled his crotch and felt the hardness of Ray's erection. He reached back and massaged his ass cheeks. He undid Ray's shorts and pulled them down with his underwear. His hard 7 inches sprang out. Chris lifted Ray's shirt over his head as Ray kicked off his sandals. Ray was completely naked.Chris motioned Ray to lie on the bed. As he did so, Chris also got naked, his roaring hard xxx lol nymphet toplist on sticking out in front of him, already slick with pre-cum. He got on top of Ray and they kissed passionately, their tongues darting in and around their sex free nymphet video mouths. Chris then licked Ray's ears then his neck and finally his nipples, sucking them in turn. He licked down Ray's hard stomach to his navel, inserting his tongue and down the trail of fuzz to Ray's wet cock.He gently kissed the head and licked around it. Ray began to moan. Chris then licked his way down to Ray's balls and sucked on them. Then he went down on Ray's cock. bbs nymphets tgp He sucked hard and deep, sending Ray into ecstasy. He lifted his head from Ray's innocent schoolgirls nymphets cock and both veronika jpg nymphets relaxed a bit. Chris then kissed him and said: "Now we're ready." Don't touch your cock until you really have to, you will enjoy this more." Ray nodded. Then Chris placed a pillow under Ray's back so that his head was lower than his ass. He got between Ray's legs and separated them. Lying on his stomach, Chris's face was on the same level as Ray's cute ass. He separated Ray's cheeks and licked up and down his crack, to his balls and then to the small of Ray's back. Back and forth he went with his hot tongue. Ray could feel Chris' hot breaths. Finally, Chris concentrated on Ray's asshole. He circled his tongue around it, then began darting it erotic nymphets underage in and out finally pushing through. He went in deeply and folding his nymphets russian young tongue and stiffening it, toplist nymphet nude he fucked Ray rapidly. Ray was beside himself, moaning and nymphet bbs images whimpering. In and out, Chris went at a rapid pace. Ray began to quiver and Chris knew that he was going to explode any second.Ray could hold off no longer. He grabbed his little nymphets nude illegal cock and while Chris continued to fuck his asshole with his tongue, jerked himself off. It only took two or three hard pumps and Ray let out a long moan and shot nymphet picture his load. The first spurt almost hit the ceiling! Chris could feel Ray's sphincter contracting on his tongue as his cock spasmed sending nymphet magic bbs jet after jet of cum all over his stomach and chest. Chris held his tongue in Ray's ass until his spasms subsided. When Ray stopped shooting, he withdrew his tongue. He gently took the pillow out from under Ray's back and lowered american tiny nymphets him onto the bed. Ray was spent, thoroughly!As his cock softened, Chris took it into his mouth and sucked whatever cum there was left. He lay down next to Ray. Chris had a raging hard on that demanded attention. Without saying a word, Ray reached over and masturbated Chris to a spectacular climax."That was the best going away gift I could have ever received. Thank you lover!"They cleaned themselves young nymphet cuties off, then hugged close. They lay next to each other, speaking softly for the next hour. Finally, Ray said that it was time for him to nymphets underwear models go home. He got dressed, kissed Chris and left. Chris lay back onto the bed, running his hand over the place pedoland nymphets porno where Ray had been and nymphets cp bbs tgp began to sob uncontrollably. AWAY FROM HOME Settling nymphet chill into his dorm was more of a chore than he expected. Even though his mother and dad helped him get his things in, it took the better part of two hours ukrainian nymphet tgp to finish unpacking and putting dark angels bbs nymphets away. Ray had a roommate whose name was Toby from somewhere out in the nymphets land free top mid-west. Although he hadn't arrived at the room as yet, Ray had met him when dorm rooms were assigned. He seemed like little nymphets password a nice enough guy, and drop dead cute, Ray thought. Ray banished that thought, determined, as he was to remain faithful to Chris. nymphet mag Anyhow, Ray had no idea what Toby's preference was.By and by, his roommate arrived and went through the same arduous process of settling in. They talked a lot as photo nymphette Toby was getting his things put away and then went off to dinner together. Ray learned that this was Toby's first time away from home, which was a small farming community in Kansas. The City excited him and was anxious for Ray to introduce him to the ways of the big town. It looked to Ray like a friendship might be in the works. Ray also found out that Toby had a girlfriend. "That settles that," he thought. Ray shared that he had been out with several girls but had no one steady. Much of that was the truth!The two boys helped ls magazine 6 nymphets each other through the gnawing loneliness they felt being separated from little nymphets video galleries both family and loved ones. barely russian nymphet Chris was constantly on Ray's mind. dressed nymphets He couldn't wait until they could be together again. That first night he softly cried.Around midnight Ray was awakened by a sound. At first he thought that Toby was talking in his sleep but soon recognized that he was masturbating. He heard soft whimpers and moans coming from the other bed and finally a sigh, then silence. This only made Ray feel lonelier. He longed for Chris.It was Friday afternoon. Classes were over and the weekend had begun! Ray had invited Toby to come home with nymphets shocking him but he opted to stay on campus to catch up on a reading assignment. Ray's parents were coming to pick him up and take him to the Island. During the drive Ray asked about Chris. They told him that Chris was well and that he could not come out for the weekend because of work. He needed to be at a seminar, nymphets petite which would consume most of the weekend. Ray's heart sank! He felt disappointed and angry.Home was home and Ray was glad to be there. He had a wonderful relationship with his parents and truly missed them. They talked constantly in the car and nymphetstgp at dinner. After dinner Ray announced that he was going for a walk and headed toward the beach. He wanted to be alone and think about Chris. As he was nearing the road that leads to the water illegal asian nymphet he heard a car approach and a horn blow. crazy nymphets from ukraine He turned quickly hoping it might be Chris, after all. To his surprise and disappointment it was Rob."Hi pal, welcome home. How are they hangin'?" Rob hollered out of the window.Ray went over to very young nymphet pussy the car and the two friends caught up on what was going on."Hop in, let's go for a ride."The sun was setting rapidly, reflecting golden hues on the water. Rob turned into a small parking space near a secluded beach and turned off the engine. They sat and talked about everything. elweb nymphets gallery Suddenly, Ray felt Rob's hand on his thigh."No Rob! Please," Ray pleaded."What's the matter? It's not like we've never done this before!"Please Rob, I don't feel like it."C'mon, Ray, I'm so horny and desperate. My only partner is my hand now that we stopped. I'm scared to do Joey anymore."Ray remained silent; Rob advanced his hand toward Ray's crotch and felt a movement. Ray was getting hard. This encouraged him to begin gently rubbing Ray's growing erection. He then unbuttoned Ray's shorts and took his cock out and into his hand. Ray still said nothing. He too was horny and desperate.Ray's cock was steel hard and hot. It throbbed in Rob's hand. Rob began to slowly wank it. He felt pre-cum ooze. This made Rob even hornier! Rob positioned himself so that he could get easy access to Ray's nymphets bbs nude hardon. He cupped Ray's balls with his other hand and snaked a finger between is legs, rubbing Ray's perineum. Ray began to writhe and moan. illegal child nymphets Rob could wait no longer. He lowered his head and took Ray's cock into his mouth, sucking hungrily, nymphet clips bringing Ray quickly to the brink."Slow down, I'm going to cum," Ray gasped. Rob backed off of his cock and slumped back on the seat. He was panting. His own erection pressing painfully against his jeans. hot nymphets passwords He unbuttoned himself and pulled down his zipper. His cock sprang out. In moments precum was leaking out. Ray reached over and grasped his friend's hardon and nymphet babe wild nymphets info rubbed it, slicking it video nymphets teenie with his pre-cum.Ray leaned over and licked Rob's nymphets underage kds pics cock-head. He then took his dick fully into his mouth and started to go up and down on it. little nymphes picture He raked the underside, gently, with his small nasty teen nymphets teeth, sending Rob into ecstasy."Ray, Ray, I'm cumming!" Rob was bucking his photographs of nude nymphets hips and moaning.Ray deep-throated innocent model nymphet him and Rob exploded in his mouth. Ray kept sucking as Rob softened. His cock was so sensitive that he pleaded for Ray to stop. Finally he let Rob's cock flop out bbs nymphets land of his mouth. Both fell back, exhausted.Ray felt ashamed but angry enough at Chris bbs nymphet sweet for not being there for him that he felt justified in what he had just done. Ray was still rock hard, needing an orgasm."Let's go to my place, no one's home."Ray nodded. Both pulled on their clothes and Rob drove out of the parking lot. Ray took his cell out of his pocket and dialed home. His mother answered. He told her that he had met Rob near the beach and was going over to his house to hang out for a while. His mom told him that Fed Ex had delivered a package for him. It felt like a book. She told him that she put it on is bed. They exchanged goodnights and Ray replaced the phone in his pocket.When they got to Rob's house it dark and nymphet magazene model empty. They hurried up to Rob's room and immediately undressed. Ray wanted to give Rob another treat, the same treat that Chris had given him as a going away gift! drawings nymphets He wanted to do this out of anger nymphets blue teen not lovely nymphets gallery lust.When they were both naked, Ray noticed that Rob was hard again. His cock had softened but was my sexy nymphette now getting erect. He asked Ray to lean ukrainiannymphets against the wall, putting his arms against it for support. pre nymphet models He had him stick his ass out away from the wall. nymphets naked girls russian He told Rob not to touch his little nymphet child cock no matter how hard he wanted to. He would enjoy it more that way. Ray knelt behind and separated his ass cheeks. He licked his crack up and down. sweet ukrainian nymphets Rob began to moan and squirm. The then centered his attention on Rob's asshole. He darted in and out and then pushed through, tongue fucking him rapidly. Suddenly Ray felt Rob's sphincter close around his tongue and he knew that Rob was ready to shoot.Ray withdrew his tongue and stood up. He pressed his cock against Rob's asshole and pushed in. He fucked him hard and had a glorious explosion almost the same time that Rob did. They both videos illegal nymphets collapsed on the bed.Ray told Rob that it was time for him to go home. They dressed and Rob gave him a ride. They hugged. Ray asked Rob to turn off the engine. He wanted to talk. He knew nymphet gymnastic that he would not ever be able to have sex with Rob again. He had to tell him about Chris. He trusted Rob and that trust was well founded. He explained everything to him and when he was finished Rob nymphets bbs kds simply said thanks. Ray got out of the car and Rob drove away.Ray entered the house and sweet nymphets childs quietly went up to his room. He went in and turned on the light. He found the package his mother had mentioned. He distractedly opened nymphet lsm it and found a card and a photo album. He opened the envelope bbs nymphet girl and took out the card. It was a goofy joke card. real nymphet models He recognized the handwriting; it was Chris'. In the note, Chris apologized for not being home for him and told him how much he missed him and loved him. He would visit him at school next week if that were OK and nymphet torrent promised to be nude child nymphets home the following weekend when Ray was off.Ray opened chilling bbs nymphets the photo album. It contained hundreds of pictures of them and Ray's family that Chris had taken and collected over the last two years. There were pictures of them tiny nymphet working on projects around the yard, photos of family outings and picnics and some of the beautiful sunsets. The inscription dedicated the book, "To my best friend." Ray started to sob and then a gallery nude nymphets flood of guilt ran over him as he thought about his evening with Rob.
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